Corcho Wine Room & Tapas Bar

Located in the uptown neighborhood of Washington Heights, Corcho Wine Room is the premier wine bar of this area. We are committed to providing our guests with great personal service and the highest quality beers and wines in an eclectic, yet cozy and inviting environment.

Our intention is to open your mind and introduce you to all that the wonderful world of wine has to offer. We hope that you find every experience with us to be casual, entertaining and educational. In today’s always-on-the go world, Corcho Wine Room has created a space where conversation, entertainment and above all, wine, are enjoyed as simple pleasures.


  1. Juan Acosta /

    I had just came from overseas not too long ago, and a few years back i used to live on Payson Av. My best friend knows that i love wine and after going to Corcho not only did I loved the attention i received, but game me the spirit to open up my own wine room, i live in Florida and thanks to Corcho now i’m motivated to open up my own.

  2. I went to Corcho last night for first time after visiting the business near by for years. I like to start saying that what makes this business special is the customer service that is given to the patrons. I come from the customer service industry and to be more specific a Five Star Hotel and let me tell you I felt like if I was a celebrity. Secondly, I wine menu is extensive and the price is very accommodating. The ambient and decor is amazing and the tapas go perfect with the wine. Don’t be fool thinking that is exclusive wine you are going to fine, I had the best Guava sangria I ever taste in my life so far. The only points I would suggest to this great place would be to lower the music a little bit more so the conversation and opportunity to meet people can be increase and I think the gratuity percentage should be lower so people can feel motivated to add a little bit more to this great service people. I would recommend your business.

    • Thank you so much for your comments and for visiting corcho. we would take your recommendation int oconsidarations , thank you once again for your time .

      P.S We are so happy to announce our Pink & Rose Fiesta this coming Monday at 7pm $25 5Rose Wines. This is a fiesta to celebrate the arrival of the spring & summer Rose wines . for more info 212.300.5700

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